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Customer Service Leader Testimonial
LaDon Ervin, Customer Service Leader
IKEA Retail Store, East Palo Alto, CA
“I am new to IKEA, but from day one I knew this was the right company for me! I am so grateful to be part of a culture that truly supports diversity and inclusion in every way. Our East Palo Alto store not only has a diverse group of co-workers, but they are also so accepting and kind. When you notice everyone smiling, interacting with each other and working together you get the genuine sense of inclusion.

IKEA took a chance on me, they “believed in me” and I'm forever grateful for that. Along with my retail experience, they saw that I have a passion for change, people and customer service so they relocated me from Atlanta to the Bay Area in California to be a part of their leadership team. Now look at me, ROCKING IT OUT in our EAST PALO ALTO store #347! This is AWESOME!”Customer Service Leader Testimonial
Active Selling HFC & IB Co-worker Testimonial
Richard Roberson, Active Selling HFC & IB Co-worker
IKEA Retail Store, East Palo Alto, CA
“It's real simple.... IKEA gave me a chance, during a time in my life, when nobody else gave me the time of day. I was working hard to get my life together; I was in recovery and on my way to be becoming clean and sober. But it wasn't easy. I had challenges. A lot of them. IKEA provided the platform to help me change my life and I ran with it. Every co-worker was so supportive and non-judgmental. Eleven years later, I am still with IKEA and thriving. I love my life, my job and my co-workers. Thank you, IKEA!”Active Selling HFC & IB Co-worker Testimonial
Site Administrative Coordinator Testimonial
MJ Fajardo, Site Administrative Coordinator
IKEA Retail Store, East Palo Alto, CA
“What matters to me is that IKEA values are more than posters on the wall. At IKEA, we live them. Even though IKEA is a global corporation, it's truly a humanistic company where its values are deeply embedded in literally everything we do.

It's an environment of togetherness where leadership is viewed as an action, not a title. It's where everyone is treated equally, where you can bring your whole self to work.

These are just some of the reasons I've chosen to work at IKEA. I work with such inspiring people and learn so much every day. We don't just &rlquo;work,” we make an impact together.”Site Administrative Coordinator Testimonial
Warehouse (Prep and Flow) Co-worker Testimonial
Marlene Davis, Warehouse (Prep and Flow) Co-worker
IKEA Retail Store, Emeryville, CA
“The first time I visited an IKEA store was 18 year ago in Emeryville, CA. I instantly loved it. I couldn't believe how many people were there and I just loved walking around the showroom. There was a hiring event going on at the store and since I was out of work, I applied. I was hired to work in the warehouse which also includes driving a forklift. I absolutely love my job! And I love my co-workers. We have so much fun all day; they really are like my second family.

18 years later, I am still working at the Emeryville store and still have the computer chair I bought that day.”Warehouse (Prep and Flow) Co-worker Testimonial
Food Service Co-worker Testimonial
Angelica Alvarez, Food Service Co-worker
IKEA Retail Store, Emeryville, CA
“My passion is cooking. My grandmother taught me to cook in Mexico when I was little and I have been cooking ever since. For the last 15 years, I have been working at IKEA in Food Service. Our co-workers are from many different cultures, so I also enjoy cooking their family recipes for them in our staff restaurant. They seem to really like when I make chicken pozole, a traditional soup of Mexico, and that makes me happy.”Food Service Co-worker Testimonial
Customer Service Co-worker Testimonial
Cheron Carter, Customer Service Co-worker
IKEA Retail Store, Emeryville, CA
“My first experience with IKEA was browsing through the catalog–the moment I opened it I was hooked! That was over 10 years ago. Then my friend's Mom took me for my first visit and I became a total fan! So naturally, it was where I knew I'd want to work.

I have always had a passion for people and am told I'm very patient and calm. Working with IKEA customers makes me smile. I help and interact with them in many ways and enjoy all of it. Between our customers and my co-workers, I truly enjoy my work, all day and every day!”Customer Service Co-worker Testimonial


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